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The Lakes


How End Fisheries


The Lakes

How End has two separate lakes which have been designed to cater for different styles of angling and different species. Phil didn’t want to build a totally carp dominated water, so great thought and effort has been put into producing a fishery that while containing large Carp up to double figures, has a majority stocking of other species based upon a format of having at least 2 species in each lake that would feed well in both the Summer, and more importantly, Winter months. Both lakes have been dug to a standard 6 foot depth on all pegs to allow decent winter fishing while housing wide ledges on both the near and far bank to enable fish holding spots.

The car park sits neatly between the two allowing short walks to either without any requirement to lug your gear up ludicrously steep slopes or steps, while a tackle and bait shop and separate toilet facility containing both gents and separate women’s/disabled toilets, has been created from a converted barn in very short proximity to the car park too. The car park is sufficiently away from the main road to allow excellent security while also ,being behind a set of secure entrance gates, stops undesirables entering the premises.

We also strive to create comfortable surroundings for disabled anglers providing specialist disabled swims on both lakes adjacent to the car park (6 feet wide and 4 feet long) as well as good access to disabled anglers for all other swims on the site with no steps to any of our pegs. The pegs themselves have been created from solid concrete slabs cemented into the ground to give a secure fishing position. And on Yasi’s, the 2 disabled pegs have even been built such that they allow access to the island using only 11.5 mtrs of pole enabling disabled and younger anglers to take advantage of this fish holding area.

While a relatively new fishery, we have tried to provide a mature experience in creating How End. Not only from the perspective of the trees, but also the fish themselves. Phil is not a fan of ‘ugly’ fish so has gone to great pains to find fish of the required standard whihc we are proud to say have thrived in there new environment, and we consistently get feedback from anglers on the fantastic condition of our fish, something we are rightly proud of. We now have Carp upto double figures, Barbel over the 3lb mark as well as Ide approaching he 1lb mark and plenty of other fantastic silver fish such as 3lb Perch, 1lb Roach and quality Tench and Crucians. In fact, you will struggle to find anything that you wouldn’t be proud to catch.

Overall, a lot of thought and effort has been put into creating a facility that while providing fantastic fishing, blends well into the surrounding countryside looking like its been here for ever. We hope you enjoy coming to How End and love the place as much as we do in creating it. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts about the fishery after you have visited, feedback is always welcome.

Yasi's Lake


Yasi’s is a 17 peg purpose designed snake lake that has been designed for pole use. You can reach the far bank using a 13 mtr pole, while ledges on both the near and far margin provide excellent feeding places for the resident fish.
Every peg has been built in the same manner and the ledges, track and far bank have been dug using lasers to enable accuracy such that all pegs are as close to each other in design as possible.
Yasi’s is stocked with Carp and Barbel for the Summer months, while Ide, Roach, Perch and Bream provide sport in the winter when the fishing generally gets tough. Ide are well known for their winter feeding habits and provide an interesting alternative to the standard fishery species, especially in the Bedford area where no other fishery has stocked them to our knowledge.

Dani's Lake


Dani’s, which has 20 pegs, has been designed for rod and line use while still keeping many of the features of Yasi’s. The same ledges on both the nearside and far side have been dug (the far ledge being wider than Yasi’s for rod and line use), while corner pegs have sunken islands built in to provide further features for the fish to congregate. In fact, every peg on Dani’s either has an island cast or a sunken island to fish to closer in. Even the corner pegs have been shrouded from the bank using raised mounds, to stop other angler’s sky lining your swim.
Dani’s has been stocked with different species to Yasi’s to create an all round fishery where anglers have a multitude of species to go after. On Dani’s you never know what you’re going to catch next. For the Summer, there are Carp, Tench, Golden Tench, Crucian Carp, Rudd and Bream, while in the Winter, you have Chub, Roach and Perch to try for.